What The Clients Say

“I was looking for somebody to help me with any skills relevant for me, but in English. I found Andrew and I never cease to be amazed at how many topics Andrew can cover.

He has accepted my approach to learning English and I like his inventive teaching. He likes questions and he is able to prepare good materials to support me. Last but not least, he helps me with vocabulary which I find difficult to remember – examples from life, business, phrases from movies or advertisements.”

Tomas Jirak, DCS & NI Operations Manager, Dimension Data

“Over my two months of working with Andrew, I feel that my English skills, both active and passive, have improved a great deal.

Andrew is an energetic, kind and student-focused lecturer, who always tailored his lessons to my particular needs. If I wanted to focus on grammar, Andrew would always provide me with a wealth of helpful materials to aid me in my understanding. Thanks to Andrew, for example, I have finally got a better grasp of proper article use, which is something that I thought would be a permanent struggle.

My favourite lessons, however, were those that focused on reading and listening skills. As someone who works in a major international company, I need English mostly to communicate with my business partners, and ever since I started working with Andrew, I feel that my confidence in my dealings at work has been exponentially rising.

I have looked forward to my weekly lessons with Andrew, and I will miss him now that his assignment at our company has expired.”

Lucie Effenbergerova, HR Coordinator, Mars CEE s.r.o.

“I would like to strongly recommend Andrew’s services as not only an English teacher, but above everything – a personal coach.

We began our classes in order to answer my concerns regarding so called: self-confidence and fluency in speaking. For a few months I was preparing to apply for a new job. That was a huge challenge for me as I have never had an interview in English but with Andrew’s help – I have managed to address that specific challenge. Results? First Interview and I got a job!

If you are looking for somebody that will equip you with the wings to believe in yourself, understand how the recruitment process looks like, build your CV – again, I would strongly recommend Andrew Power’s services!”

Michal Chabas, Virtual Sales Assistant at Cisco

“Andrew Power has proved to be a great asset for the company. His vast knowledge of marketing, training, coaching, English language teaching, management, and sales have made an important impact to our company’s PR and customer’s satisfaction.

Andrew Power is currently working for Bridge Publishing house as a correspondent, ELT Consultant, and teacher trainer. His role is to prepare methodological and educational texts for English teachers, promote Bridge Publishing House’s products at open events for key customers and train potential and current customers in use of the Bridge Publishing House’s products.

Andrew Power is one of the crucial team members we have. He always provided us with his best work and submitted only his best.”

Josef Šorm, dpt. managing director, Bridge Publishing House, s.e.

“Andrew is an inspirational coach who helped me tremendously during a critical point of career change. My experiences with Andrew have been nothing but positive and are always filled with learning. He is intelligent, kind, dedicated and giving. He is passionate about coaching and being the best coach he can be to his clients.

Andrew’s coaching has made me think differently about what I want and how to get it. I would highly recommend him to anyone who is seeking for something more out of their career.”

Gabor Pulen, International Retail Expansion

“When I joined Mars, I felt very uncomfortable in my English. Thanks to Andrew I have improved my language skills. We have refreshed the grammar and we continue in my improvement. We work on presentation skills as well and I have gained a lot of experience. Each lesson is different and has continuity.

My improvement was in presentation skills, different style of presentation, (rule 30,20,10; purposes etc.) We also focus my lesson on business English and targeted vocabulary that we use and need for our business.”

Jakub Kriz, Key Account Manager, Mars Czech s.r.o.

“Andrew is a very practical coach who can tailor his coaching to suit your needs. In coaching me for a management careers seminar, I learnt a great deal about my own abilities and how best to present them for assessment.

I especially appreciated his constructive feedback on one of my presentations, which was a big success. Andrew was flexible and did not hesitate to provide remote support – on the phone and by email – outside office hours.

If you are looking for someone to help you advance your career, Andrew is the person to call.”

Vojtěch Vlček, Finance Business Partner, Arriva Plc.

“Andrew has been our main assessor for the written production part of our English mock exams since 2010, and has assessed more than 2500 papers.

In addition, he gives us superb support on our open day competitions, where he coaches and gives seminars to teachers on marking according to our criteria, as well as offering exam-skills tips for students.

Furthermore, Andrew is a strong believer in our company goals and brand, and has proven himself to be a reliable partner for City & Guilds in the Czech Republic.”

Simona Genatova, City & Guilds Representative Czech Republic

“What I appreciate about Andrew is his ability to adapt our English lessons to my personal needs, and include topics related to managerial skills (e.g. GTD or presentation skills). Furthermore, I would like to point out his organized approach to building vocabulary which is, in my view, not only unique, but also highly effective.

Andrew is a skilled professional with a broad spectrum of knowledge and experience. Someone who keeps in mind your questions and always brings answers.”

Marcela Fialova, Senior Pharmacovigilance Director at PharmInvent

“Andrew has taught me Business English for three months. He absolutely understands my needs. In our lessons, he has also encouraged me in soft skills and international business communication.

I especially appreciated his effective and user-friendly learning methods, enthusiasm, flexibility and consistency – mainly in the area of perfect pronunciation training.”

Kristyna Marusakova, (PharmD, PhD) Risk Management Specialist at European Medicines Agency

“Andrew’s obviously an expert in teaching English, but what has impressed me most is his understanding of business, and his focus on helping me communicate better in an international business context.

Since taking lessons with Andrew, my vocabulary has become more advanced and my listening skills enhanced – the two areas I specifically wanted to improve.”

Pavel Kroupa, Network Architect at ANECT a.s.

“Thanks to Andrew Power´s excellent advice, I am now in a much better position. I am now the Exam Coordinator at CCL (www.ccl.pt) a non-profit language organisation affiliated with the University of Lisbon.

I appreciate his wise and considered input in helping me to break the cycle of indentured labour at chain language schools. It took the initial burst of energy and courage to move away from the relative security the contract system offered. 

Thank you Andrew.”

Rob Szabó, Team Head Academy & Material Development at Learnship Networks GmbH

“Andrew is a versatile and professional teacher with a strong knowledge of business topics. His well structured lessons and materials have helped me with essential grammar, and given me a wider vocabulary for everyday conversation and business use.”

Petr Stepanek, GEMINI Business Line Manager at BSC Praha

“Andrew is a true visionary professional in his area of business. He understands the needs of his clients and is capable to think about them creatively. His learning methods are effective, yet user-friendly. I’ve been inspired by his people-oriented, communicative and easy-going approach.”

Jindrich Kalisek, Attorney at Law and Chartered Mediator at Becker & Poliakoff (CZ)

“I met Andrew at the Bohemian Toastmaster’s public speaking club in Prague, Czech Republic. He is an articulate speaker always looking for ways to improve in his communication skills.

Andrew is an active networker, able to meet and connect with people – it was a pleasure to met him at number of Prague’s professional community social meetings.

Andrew was a great resource as he introduced me to the world of podcasts (use of technology and value of this tech-environment). He is a good person to have as a friend, mentor or colleague – to socialise and to work with.”

Ivan Vlasyuk, Project Manager | SAAS | SalesForce CRM

“I have to say that Andrew provides far and above the highest quality in business English tuition. His classes are dynamic, flexible and address exactly what the business person needs from English. Without a doubt, his tuition based on my postgraduate programme helped me earn my MBA and make this important advance in my career.”

Petr Kunes, Management Consultant at CSOB

“Andrew is not just a teacher, he is more a coach and friend. I like his personal approach to me, which means that he understand my weaknesses and needs. He motivates me to setting greater goals and also to meet them. He makes me proud of my progress and it gives me confidence and motivation.

Each lesson is great opportunity to learn English in a surprisingly easy way and to learn something new and interesting. Andrew is kind, who knows a lot of interesting facts, funny jokes and can change the lesson according to the mood. The time spent with Andrew is always inspiring and energizing. He is the best teacher, but for me he is something more.

I appreciate learning new expressions, wider vocabulary and perfect pronunciation. He allows you to speak on different topics and in few minutes you just realize that you are fluently speaking in English. I like the way of correcting my mistakes, practicing my pronunciation and teaching me new words. He motivates me to discover English deeply without dividing it into levels.

Andrew is a very clever and well-educated person with wide interests. He is nice person and I wish I had all the people around me like he is.

Just few facts about one-year experience with Andrew:

  • I read 8 books in English;
  • We discussed books on our lessons and I wrote synopsis on each book;
  • I’m reading 2-3 articles in English every day;
  • I’m watching movies and TV shows in English;
  • I created great CV and cover letter thanks to Andrew.

It’s all is fun for me, because I can discuss it with Andrew. We talk about words and expressions used in books or movies and I remember these words without any effort.

I deeply respect Andrew and wish him a lot of good students.”

Oleksandra Kavka, Accountant

“Andrew has designed and delivered high quality intensive business English courses for us since 2010. His courses always meet our brief (for example: English For Key Support Staff), and his teaching approach is professional and engaging.

He has always been able to deliver on urgent requests, and has been proactive in meeting the challenges of a busy language school.

Highly recommended.”

Veronika Kaplanova, Head English Teacher, Unicorn College s.r.o

“The lessons are balanced and structured. Andrew is prepared for every lesson we have. Every lesson, we recap the old vocabulary and grammar. I have learned the right pronunciation.

Now I am more confident in conversation, especially during audits (QA, HSE).”

Pavel Sedlak, Pilot Plant Manager API, Zentiva

“Andrew helps me make sure that what ever comes from my desk is perfect and my presentations have punch.

He supports me in:

  • Creating functional documents, crafting tenders, and writing policies that make sense in English.
  • He can dive into a subject getting just basic information and comes up with great suggestions. Here I speak about language AND content.
  • Improving presentation and communication skills by supporting on content creation and coaching me for final speeches/ presentations.
  • Coaching me in opportunities for the use of new technologies. He keeps me up-to-date on latest developments on English learning and teaching.
  • Andrew adapts to my busy schedule and interacts with me according my needs by telephone, email and face-to-face. Very often he receives my demands on very short notice and he was always able to over-deliver on my expectations.

I highly recommend Andrew for his professionalism, performance without compromises, and his being attuned to the client’s needs.”

Klaus Hammer, Owner at Management Consultations, s.r.o.

“I had the chance to have lessons with Andrew in 2012 (around forty 90-minute individual lessons). From the first lesson, he easily assessed my level of English and the key areas where I needed to improve.

After a year I made great progress in both speaking and writing skills. He adapted the lessons to my actual needs (supporting me with emails, etc.). He balanced the lessons well, in that it was not just about memorising new vocabulary and doing exercises in the textbook. We had a lot of conversations (also reading and listening) on relevant topics, which made the lessons more attractive in comparison with courses I had before.

What I also appreciated was that Andrew was very flexible to fit my busy schedule. I would recommend him to anyone who wants to improve their English.”

Petr Charamza, Senior Portfolio Building Specialist, Zentiva

“What do we do?
  • Presenting skills
  • Networking and presenting in a meeting
  • Negotiating and selling (very necessary for me during negotiation with IKAM or regional buyers)
  • Writing emails – formal (outside the company) / informal (inside the company)
  • General topics
  • I like Andrew’s style, he is always flexible, is able to react on our actual situation (busy day – teaching more soft skills and vocabulary) / (normal day – more grammar and writing).
  • Everything, what Andrew does has a concept and structure, so from my longterm perspective it’s very useful.
  • He is always ready to discuss actually important business topic a help me to find the answers.”

Tomas Vancura, Key Account Manager, Mars Czech s.r.o

“What we do:
  • We discuss actual political and business topics – talking
  • We work on business articles (Guardian, The Financial Times etc.) – reading and new vocabulary
  • We improve my grammar skills by doing grammar exercises focused on business topics – grammar
  • We improve my vocabulary by regular tracking in “Word Power“ sheet – c. 30-40 new words a months – new vocab
  • We chat informally on cultural/ music/ personal topics – speaking
  • We correct emails or presentations when desired – presentation skills
  • We learn colloquial English/ informal expressions/ phrasal verbs – colloquial English
Teaching style:
  • Organised, structured, friendly, informal, entertaining, in compliance with my or my company’s needs
What I learned:
  • The level of my English has significantly increased in terms of colloquial usage and business issues.”

Lukas Pavel, Country Manager Czech Republic and Slovakia at Diageo

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