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What’s Your Pain?

English is the international language of business, I.T., the media, and the entertainment industry.

Without a strong command of English, you and your organisation is stuck in the local market.

It may even be stuck in the past.

Even with superb English language skills, you may be struggling to communicate precisely what you want. You lack confidence. You’re losing business. Your career is going nowhere.

How to get an edge?

With a range of trainings and coaching, Andrew will help you:

  • Get and keep great clients, through efficiency and added value.
  • Get that dream job or promotion, if you’re a busy manager.
  • Get on better with difficult people – and we all need to do that!
  • Get more done in the day with less stress, giving you the time and energy to enjoy life.
  • See significant progress in your English abilities, whatever your job.
If you’re a company in a competitive market
Your people need the best international business English and communications skills. Why? Because business relationships affect profit and loss.

Whether it’s business or diplomatic English, Andrew will work closely with you in a learning style you prefer. You set the goal and he helps you reach it. The result? Receptionists to top executives have quickly gained the English they need.

Communicating with your customers and stakeholders. Does your company have a skills gap? Is there friction between colleagues or departments? Using DISC, understanding and adapting to people’s communication style will bring the conversation back to the issue, not the person.

Does this sound like over-promising? See what Andrew’s clients have said and find out.

Go to the For Companies page to solve your English and communications problems. Or contact Andrew now to see how he can help your company with tailor-made solutions.

If you’re an ambitious professional
It’s never been tougher. We’re in a global labour marketplace where anything can happen. Your English and people-skills give you the advantages you need.

Are you looking for a fresh opportunity? Try Andrew’s Career Support coaching, and get that dream job. From CV make-over to job search, interview preparation, and pro tips, you’ll be ahead of the competition from the word go!

Studying business English? As an MBA and English assessor, Andrew will coach you on essay skills, study and research skills, and help your confidence when you write formal documents in English.

Presentations are essential for the ambitious manager. Learn the secrets to making an effective presentation with tangible results. Save yourself time and effort. Learn how to present on the spot, and turn your skills into a career-booster.

Wouldn’t it be fantastic to find the key to people’s motivations? To know how to get through to people? That’s what a good manager is all about. Spend a morning getting to know DISC – the most powerful communication tool out there. Simple and instantly effective.

Giving feedback is one of our least favourite jobs as managers. But it’s essential we give it in a timely, objective way. Learn how to give feedback regularly, and be confident doing so. Then see great results – your teams improve and deliver excellence.

Go to the For Managers page to boost your career.

Andrew has a great track record helping it happen. See what his clients say, or contact him now for a free consultation.

If you’re looking for an editor

Need quick, accurate, informed proofing and editing for your emails, documents and marketing?

Or are you struggling with writing marketing copy in English? Or even articles and content for social media?

Whatever the writing or editing task, companies trust Andrew to deliver.

But don’t take his word for it – see what the clients say.

Email Andrew now, and see how he can solve your English writing problems.



“Andrew Power has proved to be a great asset for the company. His vast knowledge of marketing, training, coaching, English language teaching, management, and sales have made an important impact to our company’s PR and customer’s satisfaction.”

Josef Šorm, dpt. managing director, Bridge Publishing House, s.e.