Career Support

Thinking of a change – or want to step up?

Very often, knowing what to do is harder than actually doing it. And finding an impartial listener as you explore your options can be a problem.

Or maybe you have an important interview coming up – for a promotion or a new job. You need to focus on what’s expected and practice thoroughly.

Through dialogue, problem solving, self-assessment and interview rehearsals – Andrew will help you find the key and the confidence you need to improve your career prospects.

When your career is at a critical crossroads – why not invest in it?

Contact Andrew and see how he can help you make the right decision – and ace your next big interview.


What The Clients Say

“I would like to strongly recommend Andrew’s services as not only an English teacher, but above everything – a personal coach.

We began our classes in order to answer my concerns regarding so called: self-confidence and fluency in speaking. For a few months I was preparing to apply for a new job. That was a huge challenge for me as I have never had an interview in English but with Andrew’s help – I have managed to address that specific challenge. Results? First Interview and I got a job!

If you are looking for somebody that will equip you with the wings to believe in yourself, understand how the recruitment process looks like, build your CV – again, I would strongly recommend Andrew Power’s services!”

Michal Chabas, Virtual Sales Assistant at Cisco

“Andrew is an inspirational coach who helped me tremendously during a critical point of career change.

Andrew’s coaching has made me think differently about what I want and how to get it. I would highly recommend him to anyone who is seeking for something more out of their career.”

Gabor Pulen, International Retail Expansion

“Thanks to Andrew Power’s excellent advice, I am now in a much better position. It took the initial burst of energy and courage to move away from the relative security the contract system offered. 

Thank you Andrew.”

Rob Szabó, Team Head Academy & Material Development at Learnship Networks GmbH

“In coaching me for a management careers seminar, I learnt a great deal about my own abilities and how best to present them for assessment. I especially appreciated his constructive feedback on one of my presentations, which was a big success.

If you are looking for someone to help you advance your career, Andrew is the person to call.”

Vojtěch Vlček, Finance Business Partner, Arriva Plc.