Manager Training For the Information Age

Communication is a manager’s essential skill.

As great business leaders have shown us – inspiring, persuading, guiding and motivating your people is key to your organisation’s success.

Add to this – the ability to manage projects and tasks, in a highly competitive, complex world. It’s easy to see why managers themselves need support.

Andrew can assist, and help you and your people improve skills with the following coaching and courses.

Communication Styles At Work

Understanding people, yourself, and getting the most from those around you.

Ovation - Presentations

Presenting in a wide range of formats. Avoid the pitfalls, and deliver presentations with punch.

Giving Structured Feedback

Giving structured feedback, with clear outcomes.

Productivity – Let’s Do It!

Make the most with what you’ve got. Task management skills based on GTD, and years of developing “productivity hacks”.

Business English Classes

From A2-C2 CEF levels, in a wide range of industries, including customer service, sales, marketing, managing, technology, and key skills for reception and support staff.

Editing & Writing Services

Editing and proofreading in UK and US English, in a wide range of industries.

Writing on almost any topic, given the materials.

Coaching in writing skills for business and study.

What The Clients Say

Don’t take our word for it, see what Andrew’s clients think of his services.

About Andrew


If I'm not learning, I'm helping someone who is.

Andrew is a business English and soft skills coach from the UK, with expertise in productivity, presentations, and communcations skills.

Helping you develop independence in business and career skills, Andrew will also give you the specific English needed to persuade, inform and network to success.

Andrew can also help you at short notice, whatever the task – in editing, writing, presentations, or career interviews.

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