Develop Your Career, Get More Business

Nowadays, everybody speaks some English in business – so what will you do to get ahead of the competition?

Your English skills will differentiate who you are, how you do business, and create value for your customers.

Learn to communicate exactly what you want:

Networking and in meetings
Negotiating and selling

Working with an international team
Writing emails, reports and marketing copy
Retaining customers

Andrew teaches levels A2-C2 (Pre-Intermediate to Proficient), in group classes and one to one. You can pay for classes as you go, or buy discounted classes in advance.

In addition, if you don’t have time or need to meet an urgent deadline, Andrew can edit and write your business materials for you.

Also, why not take advantage of coaching in productivity and soft skills? Andrew offers training to help you help yourself.

Feel free to download his
PDF brochure (in Czech and English) for more information.

About Andrew, the Business English Coach

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If I'm not learning, I'm helping someone who is.

Andrew is a business English and soft skills coach from the UK, with expertise in personal productivity, writing and marketing.

Helping you develop independence in business and career skills, Andrew will also give you the specific English needed to persuade, inform and network to success.

Andrew can also help you at short notice, whatever the task – in editing, copy and report writing, presentations or career interviews.

If you think you can benefit from soft skills in English, why not
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