People ask me, “Why did you become a coach?”

In short, it’s this: “Physician, heal thyself.”

My physio told me he started his profession simply to solve his own problems from sports. My journey into coaching is the same – however, I'm afraid I'm a lot less sporty!

Like a lot of people, the tools I’d been given as a kid clearly weren’t helping. So, from an early age, I felt compelled to find my own solutions, which led me to doing community work, and counselling people.

“If I’m not learning, I’m helping someone who is”. This means I devour a topic then create a training programme. As soon as possible, I put the theory into practice – strengthening those skills through experience.

Basically – I walk the talk.

These days my life is fulfilling, creative, fun and filled with many opportunities to learn. I’m looking forward to a bigger future, while living in the present.

Here in Prague, my students realised they had an extra resource to draw on, and that’s where my coaching work began – on demand.

Of course, I’m not saying that certified coaches can’t be good at their job. What I do know is, regardless of qualifications, there’s nothing like experiencing someone who can listen 100% to you. This is what I do.

I strongly believe the solutions to our problems already lie within us. In listening to you, and helping you know more about yourself and the world you live in, we can work it out.

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About Andrew

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If I'm not learning, I'm helping someone who is.

Andrew is a business English and soft skills coach from the UK, with expertise in productivity, presentations, and communcations skills.

Helping you develop independence in business and career skills, Andrew will also give you the specific English needed to persuade, inform and network to success.

Andrew can also help you at short notice, whatever the task – in editing, writing, presentations, or career interviews.

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